Advertising tablets

12 minutes – is the average time per trip using Bolt cars where all passenger's attention goes to tablet advertising. Video, rich media banners and Geo targeting  will help to reach the audience which uses Bolt services.

Eye level
Long attention capture
Time settings
Geo targeting

Target audience

Bolt services are used by an attractive audience for advertisers – young and with higher income customers. They are active, go to restaurants, bars, concerts, sports events. To reach this audience effectively through other channels is getting more and more difficult: decreasing TV viewability, Adblock for online ads.

16-40 years old,
lives in the city
Gets higher 
Likes entertainment
Tech savy

GEO targeting

This tool allows to set up a specific location, where advertising will be showed only when the vehicle is nearby. Customer is already on the way, this makes it easy to redirect to a different location: restaurant, bar, casino, shop, shopping mall and etc.


Available at Adform
marketplace, RTB

Time settings

Setting advertising timing is useful for promotions at a particular time of the day, for example, “happy hour”, lunch and etc. In this way the target audience is reached very accurately enabling the customer to make impulsive decision to visit the advertised location.



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